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An expert team and the latest technology
to get you back to your life.

Most minor fractures and limb injuries can be treated without surgery and without the expertise of a hospital. The Fracture Clinic is here to provide a quicker, more convenient, and more accessible alternative to waiting in the emergency department. We offer supportive and gentle fracture treatment in a calm environment. Our dedicated clinic is here to offer you a better service and to take some of that pressure off of the public health system.

All the specialist practitioners you need, here on-site

Broken bones and fractures take time to heal — you need an experienced practitioner to support you on
your way to recovery. We’re experts in the treatment of fractures, broken bones, and limb injuries.

Doctors & Nurses for best-practice treatment

Our general practitioners and nurse practitioners will assess your injury and run you through the best options for your treatment. We’ll continue offering you support throughout the healing process through our routine checkups.

Plaster Technicians to help you get the best plaster or splint for you

Our experienced plaster technicians are here to custom fit plaster and splints to provide you with the very best and fastest recovery possible. They’ll offer you support as you have your splint or plaster removed too, talking you through the process – which can be a little bit daunting for some of our younger patients.

Physiotherapists available to support your recovery

With major injuries and fractures, where a cast is required for many weeks, the limb or joint cannot move. This creates a real need for you to work on getting a full range of motion, strength and flexibility back. We provide post-injury physiotherapy support, to ensure you maximise your recovery after your injury, in as little time as possible.

Why choose The Fracture Clinic

Faster & More Convenient

The Fracture Clinic is a clinic dedicated to solely treating fractures. It allows us to manage appointments well & provide a faster and more convenient treatment service.

Low Out of Pocket Costs

Factoring in Medicare rebates, our appointments are a small out of pocket expense and our products, such as casts, are often covered by private health extras cover.

On-Site Scans

We have a radiology clinic on site. This prevents the need to travel to and from clinics and offers you a streamlined process as you receive treatment for your injury.

Avoid Busy Emergency Departments

Emergency departments are often strained and overly busy. Our clinic offers short wait times and a peaceful clinic to receive treatment in — avoiding that ED waiting room.

Your appointment

You can book your appointment online or over the phone. Your appointment can be with any one of our practitioners: a general practitioner (GP), a nurse practitioner, a specialist, or a physiotherapist.

Our clinic is set up so that any of our practitioners can offer you best practice treatment, bringing in the necessary professionals as needed.

Plaster & Splint Aftercare Tips

Once you’ve received treatment, we’ll send you home with your own aftercare instructions for your device and your injury. Here are some of the basics:

  • Keep it clean and dry (unless it’s waterproof of course)
  • Make sure it doesn’t scratch or rub on your skin
  • Do not put objects in the cast or use your fingers to scratch
  • Do not put cream or powders in the cast

There are some injuries we can’t treat

We’re a fracture clinic, meaning we can only treat fractures, broken bones, ligament injuries and bone-based, limb injuries. Our team does not have the same capabilities as an emergency department, please note we can’t treat the following:

  • Back, neck & head injuries
  • Facial injuries – such as a dislocated nose
  • Major injuries caused by car accidents or traumatic events
  • Major open wounds
  • Excessive bleeding