Aircast Airsport Plus Ankle Brace

Dynamic new Ankle Brace with Aircells & Innovative ATOP Lacing System

The AirSport+ Ankle Brace is a novel design, intended to help injured or weakened ankles regain their full potential, by providing support, compression and stability in a comfortable and easy to apply brace. Ideal for active individuals or athletes recovering from ankle injuries and keen to return to sports activities.


  • Mild to moderate sprains (Grade I & II)
  • Ankle ligament distortions, tears
  • Chronic ankle instabilities
  • Prophylactic use, return to sports activities
  • Post-op rehab use

Features & Benefits:

  • Bilateral anatomically-shaped shells minimize the risk of ankle rollover.
  • Step-in design makes applying the brace easy
  • ATF (anterior talofibular) cross strap and forefoot wrap provide additional compression and stability to the joint, helping avoid inversion/eversion
  • Provides adjustable, uniform compression without creating pressure points


Size Men’s Shoe Size (AUS) Women’s Shoe Size (AUS)
 XSmall < 3 < 3.5
 Small 3-5.5 3.5-6
 Medium 5.5-8 6-8.5
 Large 8-13 8.5-13.5
 XLarge > 13.5




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XS, S, M, L, XL


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