About Us

The friendly team making fractures easier to manage

This is The Fracture Clinic, the friendly, welcoming clinic to visit when you need treatment for a fracture. A local group of medical professionals identified the need for this specialised service, realising that most minor fractures and injuries can be treated without surgery, requiring just a plaster, synthetic cast or splint.

We wanted to eliminate those Emergency Department trips

Previously, patients’ only option was to wait at an emergency department which can take hours. Having a
dedicated clinic helps take the pressure off the public system. The service offered by the clinic is time
and cost-effective for patients with low, out-of-pocket costs for all services. It also gives our general
practitioners an option other than the busy public hospital to refer their patients to.

On-site radiology

We streamline the treatment process with our on-site radiology clinic. This means you can get scans and see the results on the same day — instead of going back and forth with your broken or fractured limb.

Faster & low out of pocket costs

The Fracture Clinic eliminates long waits in the emergency department and those big expenses from private hospitals. We provide a faster appointment process and fair costs for your treatment.

It’s our mission to create accessible and affordable patient care for all through better, focused fracture care.

Our vision? To relieve the strain on the public health systems through a reliably high quality care alternative.

Our values support our mission and our vision

Patient-Focused Care
Comprehensive Support
Friendly & Welcoming Service
Empathy & Understanding