An expert team and the latest technology to get you back to your life

Most minor fractures and limb injuries can be treated without surgery and without the expertise of a hospital. The Fracture Clinic is here to provide a quicker, more convenient, and more accessible alternative to waiting in the emergency department.

We offer supportive and gentle fracture treatment in a calm environment. Our dedicated clinic is here to offer you a better service and to take some of that pressure off of the public health system.

All the specialist practitioners you need, here on-site

Broken bones and fractures take time to heal — you need an experienced practitioner to support you on your way to recovery. We’re experts in the treatment of fractures, broken bones, and limb injuries.

Doctors & Nurses for best-practice treatment

Our general practitioners and nurse practitioners will assess your injury and run you through the best options for your treatment. We’ll continue offering you support throughout the healing process through our routine check-ups.

Expert Plaster Technicians

Our experienced plaster technicians are here to custom fit plaster and splints to provide you with the very best and fastest recovery possible. They’ll offer you support as you have your splint or plaster removed too, talking you through the process – which can be a little bit daunting for some of our younger patients.

Physiotherapists to support your recovery

With major injuries and fractures, where a cast is required for many weeks, the limb or joint cannot move. This creates a real need for you to work on getting a full range of motion, strength and flexibility back. We provide post-injury physiotherapy support, to ensure you maximise your recovery after your injury, in as little time as possible.