Dependable Fracture Products

We offer traditional plaster of paris, as well as synthetic casts, waterproof casts and removable splints. Available for custom fitting in our Clinics or Australia-wide Shipping.

Waterproof Casts

This is very popular, especially at summertime with our water lifestyle. Waterproof casting is simply a synthetic cast with waterproof padding underneath. When you have a waterproof cast, you can get in the shower without putting a bag on, and can swim in a pool (depending on your injury). The water will flow between your skin and the padding. It is quick drying and therefore there are no bad odours. It is lightweight and comes in a variety of bright colours.

Exos Thermoplastic Brace

Combined with or as an alternative to traditional casts and splints, Exos advanced technology allows braces to mold directly to the anatomy for the best possible fit and comfort. Many Exos products utilize the proprietary Boa® Closure System for ease of application, adjustability and accommodation of swelling and atrophy.

We specialise in the treatment and aftercare of all fractures, broken bones and limb injuries.

Low out of pocket costs

We believe in providing the highest quality of patient care whilst maintaining a relatively low cost to patients.

Onsite Scans

Our practitioners can request immediate onsite x-rays, ct-scans and ultrasounds for your convenience.


Our general practitioners, nurse practitioners and physiotherapists will assess your injury and discuss the best treatment options. We continue your treatment throughout the healing process.

Plaster Technicians

Our experienced plaster technicians will custom fit plaster and splints for the best and fastest recovery.

Orthopaedic Surgeons

We have access to orthopaedic surgeons who are available for opinions if surgery is required.

Nurse Practitioner

Our nurse practitioner will often take calls to provide you with the best possible advice regarding your treatment.

Plaster of Paris Casts

Plaster of Paris has been used for more than 100 years and is still used today as a versatile material which is used to splint/support fractures. The plaster of paris is impregnated into a cloth sheet and is then dipped into water. A chemical reaction occurs, hardening the material over the course of 10 minutes but allows for the cast to be appropriately molded into the desired shape. It is relatively strong but it cannot get wet from water or sweat. It is used for fractures, dislocations and soft tissue injuries.

Synthetic Casts

Synthetic casting material is lighter than a normal plaster of paris cast, and will often last longer as it can withstand stress better. It comes in lots of different colours. There are then options of what type of padding goes under a synthetic cast. Having a synthetic cast on alone does not mean it is waterproof. The waterproof part of a cast is mainly to do with the padding that is applied underneath the cast. Some synthetic casts have a cotton wrap or cotton wool type padding underneath – this is not waterproof!

Wrist Braces

Off the shelf wrist splints are used for certain injuries including sprains, strains and certain fractures of the wrist and hand. They are removable and comfortable making them a good option for appropriate conditions and gives the patient the ability to wean out of the brace as the injury and pain permits.

Shoulder Immobiliser

This is a device that keeps your affected arm immobilised against your body by using a chest band, an arm band, and a wristband to limit movement. It is used for numerous upper limb injuries from humerus fractures to shoulder dislocations. These come in a range of sizes for personal customizations.

ROM Elbow Brace

The range of motion (ROM) hinged elbow brace stabilises the elbow to provide support and protection following ligament tears, surgery and injury. They allow the elbow range of movement to be tailor made to the injury sustained, the dials allow a slow increase in movement to get patients back to their optimum functional capacity.


Crutches are a walking aid that serve to offload an injured lower limb whether the patient has a cast/moon boot or darco shoe applied. It enables the patient to be non weight bearing, partial weight bearing or touch weight bearing. Aluminum crutches are either Axillary or Canadian crutch models and come in various sizes for customisation.

Thermoplastic finger splint

These are specialised custom made finger splints made from thermoplastic material that are heated and molded to your injured digit. They help manage a range of finger injuries from fractures to ligament and tendon injuries. They can be reheated and remoulded to allow for swelling.

Oval 8 Finger Splint

Oval-8 Finger Splints treat a variety of finger problems including mallet finger, swan neck deformity, hypermobility and broken fingers. They are lightweight, off the shelf finger splints and are easy to apply. The Oval-8 is a very effective treatment for common finger conditions just by applying a simple turn of the splint.

ROM Knee Brace

Range of motion (ROM) hinged knee braces are used to manage numerous knee injuries ranging from significant ligament injuries to various fractures about the knee. These braces are removable and are totally customisable depending on the length and range of movement needed.

Knee Immobiliser

These are a rigid knee immobiliser that keep the knee joint straight to help keep certain injured structures protected and safe from further injury or exacerbation.They are customisable and have velcro straps for ease of application.

Ankle Braces

Ankle braces, like the removable wrist splints, they are a supportive brace that can be easily removed but provide the wearer with support and protection during a number of activities. Depending on the injured tissues and the degree of the injury, these braces are tailor made to give the ankle support that is needed.

Darco Shoe

Darco shoes are specialised footwear that are used to protect the foot and toes after an injury, fracture or surgery. It is a very stiff soled shoe with velcro straps for ease of application and removal.

ROM Moon Boot

Range of motion (ROM) moon boots are a device much like a moon boot – which is a rigid supportive ankle brace that is used to support the management of significant foot and ankle injuries. Unlike the moon boot the ROM boot allows for a prescribed range of movement of the ankle joint. It allows the wearer to walk on the injured limb and have the ability to move the ankle joint if that is desired. It is used for a range of injuries such as achilles tendon ruptures and post surgery.