Your team of Doctors, Plaster Technicians, Nurses & Physiotherapists for all types of fractures & broken bones.


Hospital alternative with low wait times.


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We specialise in the treatment and aftercare of all fractures, broken bones and limb injuries.

Low out of pocket costs

We believe in providing the highest quality of patient care whilst maintaining a relatively low cost to patients.

Onsite Scans

Our practitioners can request immediate onsite x-rays, ct-scans and ultrasounds for your convenience.


Our general practitioners, nurse practitioners and physiotherapists will assess your injury and discuss the best treatment options. We continue your treatment throughout the healing process.

Plaster Technicians

Our experienced plaster technicians will custom fit plaster and splints for the best and fastest recovery.

Orthopaedic Surgeons

We have access to orthopaedic surgeons who are available for opinions if surgery is required.

Nurse Practitioner

Our nurse practitioner will often take calls to provide you with the best possible advice regarding your treatment.

The Friendly Fracture Team

Welcome to The Fracture Clinic where we provide specialised, friendly and efficient, follow-up care for people with limb injuries, fractures and broken bones.

Patients are seen by practitioners with special interests in fractures and trauma.  They are supported by skilled plaster technicians, Nurse Practitioners and experienced administration staff.  We recognise that your time is valuable, so we provide a quick, convenient and pleasant medical service. We also have free and easy on site parking. 

Our practitioners will assess your injury and can request and provide immediate x-rays, CT scans and ultrasound scans on site. We discuss your injury and provide treatment options including waterproof casts and removable splints by experienced technicians.

Some injuries would have been initially treated by an emergency care doctor or GP at the time of injury. We provide follow up care to assist your injuries to heal as quickly and comfortably as possible, with minimal disruption to your function and busy schedule.  We can also provide referrals for surgery if required to your preferred surgeon. We continue your treatment and follow up throughout your healing and rehabilitation.

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How to avoid emergency departments with a broken bone during Covid-19.

If you break a bone and want to avoid hospital emergency departments even though they don’t directly deal with COVID-19 patients, here’s one solution. A Southport clinic can treat you without a long wait.

The Fracture Clinic expands

Hear from our patients on why The Fracture Clinic is a convenient alternative to Hospitals.

Get back to doing what you love with
the latest fracture technology.

Waterproof Casts

Get back in the water with our light, durable and comfortable waterproof cast that looks good too!    Under the synthetic cast we use a special water repelling padding that allows water to drain through the cast, therefore it is quick drying with no unwanted bad odours.  Choose from a range of bright colours.

Waterproof Braces

Revolutionary bracing technology for the best possible fit, comfort and stablisation.  The material light-weight, waterproof and easily cleaned.

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The Fracture Clinic provides “follow-up care” for fractures and injuries and does not provide the acute management of trauma or serious injuries. If you or someone you know has just had a serious injury, please dial 000 or contact your nearest emergency department.