Preparing for your appointment

When you attend the Private Fracture Clinic, your treating practitioner will create a treatment plan for you to achieve the best results from your injury. This will most often involve check x-rays or scans, a plaster or splint and physiotherapy. Sometimes an operation may be required and referral to an orthopaedic surgeon or public hospital can be organised.

Preparing mentally and physically for treatment is an important step toward a successful result.

Understanding the process and your role in it will help you recover as quickly as possible.

Working with your practitioner

  • During your consultation, please discuss any conditions that could impact or interfere with your injury or rehabilitation. Routine x-rays or other scans are usually performed prior to the practitioner making a decision on your treatment.
  • Discuss any medications you are taking with your pratitioner, as they may have a bearing on your rehabilitation, treatment or healing.
  • Take care of your cast or splint. Do not get it wet (waterproof excepted), and avoid dirt or foreign material getting under the splint or cast.
  • Put items that you use often within easy reach so you will not have to extend as often whilst recovering from your injury.

Fracture Clinic Costs

  • You will be required to pay upfront fees on the day.  These fees include the Medicare consultation code and fracture code (if applicable) which will be fully refunded by Medicare. A facility fee is also payable at each appointment. The facility fee is not refundable by Medicare.  

    Facility Fees:

    Private – Initial consultation $55

    Private – Review consultation $40

    Concession – Initial consultation $40

    Concession – Review consultation $30

  • We accept Workcover, DVA and similar insurance companies.
  • We do not provide medico-legal reports but we do send a letter to your referring doctor and/or regular GP informing them of your appointment, injury and treatment plan that has been undertaken.
  • Costs for products such as splints, crutches and waterproof casts do incur charges. These are optional and can be discussed with the practitioner or plaster technician. We keep our charges for these items as low as possible.
  • Physiotherapist appointments are $70.
    If you have private health insurance with extras cover for physiotherapy, you will be eligible for rebates on your physiotherapy consultations.   This means you will only need to pay the gap amount which is the remainder of the fee not covered by your health fund.   We can process your rebate instantly with your private health fund card, at the time of your appointment.  We recommend you contact your health fund for the rebate amounts related to your policy.